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Maintenance Requests

Maintenance & Repairs

If you face an issue with your rental and need our help or a technicians help to resolve, simple log in to your portal and submit your maintenance request. We ask you to describe the issue and attach if possible images of the issue that needs to be taken care of.

Qualify your issues between

Normal Maintenance Issues

Before submitting your maintenance request, check if you did some initial troubleshooting and try to attempt to resolve the issue yourself. If you need to request a maintenance issue, please make sure that you describe the ticket as good as you can. Pictures go a long way, please attach pictures of the situation so that we can better qualify the issue.

Please remember, if a maintenance request has been submitted we will schedule a visit to check. Let us know in your request how a technician can access the home.

Reporting Emergency Issues

If an emergency arises and either you or the property is threatened, please contact the office immediately at (800) 999-9999.

Resident Responsibilities

Certain repairs and upkeeps are in the responsability of you the resident. Lawn care, pest control, air filters, pilot lights are in responsability of the resident. If you need us to do any service for those we can send a technician but will charge you a fee for that.

Troubleshooting Guide 

If you face any issue, please follow the following troubleshooting guide below

Smoke detector beeps: Replace battery and check the property connection

Water is to hot or not hot enough: Check thermostat on tank and turn up or down.

Toilet is plugged: Plunge and test again.

No air conditioning: Check all circuit breakers. Also replace filters every few months.