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Frequently Asked Questions

If I am interested in renting one of your properties, what do I do?

Please call us and we will arrange an appointment to show you the property. If you want to lease the property, then fill out a rental application and submit an application fee of $60 payable by check or money order. Please note that each prospective resident is required to submit an application. The process usually takes one to three days to check your credit and references and to let you know if you’re accepted.

Why do all possible occupants need to fill our an application?

When roommates want to rent a home, each roommate is equally responsible for the rent. If one roommate cannot pay his or her portion of the rent, the other roommates are responsible for the whole amount.

How much do I have to pay upfront before move-in?

Typically, one month’s rent and the security deposit are due in full regardless of the actual move-in date. Only certified funds, in the form of a cashier’s check, money order, or certified check, will be acceptable forms of payment. The amount of the security deposit varies depending on the property, and usually is 100% to 150 % of the monthly rent. If you have one or more pets, there will be a pet deposit, which can range from $2500 to one month’s rent per pet, of which 50% is nonrefundable, depending on the type, size, and number of pets.

What is your Pet Policy?

Our Company does not allow the following aggressive breeds of dogs to be on the property at any time: Pit Bulls, Chow Chows, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, American Staffordshire Terriers, and a few others that are considered dangerous. All other dogs are subject to approval.

If the property owner agrees to allow a pet, applicant will pay a nonrefundable fee (usually $150). Cats must be spayed or neutered and declawed.

Exotic animals such as reptiles, birds, and rodents, and poisonous animals such as tarantulas, insects, and poisonous fish are not allowed.

If I have a repair, where do I report it?

All repair requests must be submitted in writing either through the resident portal, mail, or fax.

Do I need a Renters Insurance?

We require a renter’s insurance because it not only provides coverage for your own personal property, but also offers protection if you are liable for damage to another’s property. Your personal property is not covered by our insurance policy.